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SEO + SEM = The Best Results

Don’t think of SEO and SEM as competitors.

Instead, think of them as complementing each other.  Instead of focusing on using one or the other, it would be wise to implement a strategy that use both SEO and SEM.  Done right, it can create a synergy that skyrockets the amount of exposure and traffic to your website.

Both SEO and SEM use keywords to drive traffic to a webpage.


They can be used together in a strongly synergistic fashion that can help online marketers reach their traffic goals, short-term and long-term. This is important. In our quest to drive traffic to our websites in order generate leads and ultimately sales, we need traffic now (in the short term) and on an ongoing regular basis long-term.

It often takes several months or longer for SEO to generate significant levels of traffic.

This is how SEO and SEM can be beautifully used together. SEO can be very effective for driving traffic, but results don’t happen overnight. SEO takes an ongoing commitment in order to be successful.


On the other hand, SEM can produce results almost immediately.

It’s not free (it’s often very expensive), but it can help you drive large amounts of traffic to your site while you’re waiting for the results of your SEO campaign to kick in.

Think of SEO as your long-term “bedrock” traffic tool, and think of SEM as a short-term, supplemental traffic
tool with a potential immediate return.

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